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Example files of a mockup I did for Adobe - Text Based Tutorial


CS6 Color Picker Bug workaround

My last post, well let's just say it has been a longer than I would like to admit. Since it seems Adobe has been so unresponsive to ALL the CS6 Bugs, I thought it would be helpful to share this work around for color picker bug.

Color Picker Issues

The problem: The color picker in Fireworks has always been amazingly accurate, now there is no explaining what it is doing. All I know is it simiply is not sampling the colors accurately. This bug also has seemed to creep up in CS6 Dreamweaver and CS6 Flash.

The workaround is to use the shortcut key "i" when ever you need to select an accurate color. I am not sure why this works and just using the color pickers don't but it does seem to help. It is frustrating and I really wish Adobe would do something about this bug and the many others that were introduced in CS6. Fireworks is still by far my tool of choice but Adobe's seemingly asleep at the wheel approach lately has really left a bad taste in my mouth.

One other solution, as long as you are trying to grab colors and or styles from a vector object, remember you can click the first object, then select copy, then select the destination object and paste attributes (control + Alt + Shift + v).

If you care to follow this thread in the Adobe forums...

John Dunning (for part of the script) and to Phireworx for coming up with the initial idea.

You can get the command on the commands page.


New Fireworks Layers Command Video

This video shows off my latest command (09-02-09) that automates the process of cutting objects, creating a new layer, pasting the objects into the new layer, then opening up the name layer pop up. I also show how to install this command and how to set up a shortcut key to launch it. I also give credit to John Dunning (for part of the script) and to Phireworx for coming up with the initial idea.

You can get the command on the commands page.


Change Dreamweaver's configurations files to work with ".inc" files

08-12-09 - Dreamweaver by default treats the .inc file extension like a text document rather than like a code document. Meaning that all the code tools are missing. Even code hint and code complete don't show. This video shows you how to change a couple of program files settings and one Dreamweaver preference setting that will enable Dreamweaver to treat ".inc" (include files) the same way it works with html, css type files.


Cool Pencil Drawing Videos - Not Mine

This next video is not Fireworks related, rather it a guy that does some amazing pencil drawings. His site is drawing-studio. net. Here is an example of one of his videos.

Professional Drawing Tutorial!!! - More amazing video clips are a click away

Fireworks to Flash in About Ten Seconds

Tom Green offers this quick tip to get Fireworks files into Flash simply by dragging and dropping. I have always used a similar technique with the primary difference is that rather than drag and drop I use copy and paste. The original video can be found here -



Here are two example projects that I am working on that are not completed yet,,,,

Contextual 2.0, and idea to make FW even easier. Borrowed from the idea of concepts like Quickfire, Quicksilver and Ubiquity.

Coming soon - creating a tiled aged paper background image - here is the source file.