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Fireworks! The best graphic design tool in the world - Fireworks

Earlier this year Fireworks turned 10 years old and I was fortunate enough to say that I have been dedicated to this tool since the begining. And can you believe it, it only took me 10 years to finally create my own site dedicated to Fireworks.

The goal of the site is two fold

  1. I wanted to have a place to host content that I have created for Fireworks to share with all of you.
  2. Second, I wanted to share my findings of resourses for Fireworks created by others.

What you might be able to find here

  1. Text and image based tutorials
  2. Video tutorials
  3. Custom commands
  4. Extensions
  5. Custom sytles
  6. Custom patterns and textures
  7. Resource links
  8. Articles and opinions
  9. Latest news as soon as Adobe releases NDA on freatures

Eventually I will create some form of blogging software so that I might be able to provide feeds and also provide readers the opportunity to contribute. For now I will do my best to keep the site updated with fresh content.


Thanks for visiting,